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WordPress – How to Add Navigation Tabs for Categories

Although navigation to WordPress categories is easily done through links under the “Categories” section of most blogs, people are so used to using the normal tab or button navigation that it is nice to be able to get to the WordPress categories this way too. Although there appears to be a number of ways to do this out there on the web, and not all successful I might add, by far the easiest way to add category tabs or category button navigation is to use the plugin called pages to link to. Many thanks to Mark Jaquith the author of this plugin.

If your running a later version of WordPress, in my case at the time of this post it was V2.8.4, the easiest way to ad a plugin is to go to Admin/Plugins/Search, type in the plugin name, “Page Links To”, select “Install” under the Actions column of the search results for the plugin you desire and then “Install Now”. Be sure to “Activate Plugin” on the resulting “Installing Plugin” page.

Once the “Page Links To” plugin is installed AND activated go to your “Categories” section of your blog, click on the category of interest then copy the resulting URL from your browser and save for the next step. Create the new WordPress category page by going to Admin/Pages/Add New/ and enter your title name for your WordPress category. Then down at the bottom under the “Page Links To” section enter your category URL you saved into the box named “Point to this URL:”. Give your page an order number to place it where you want in the navigation and check out your new categories page.

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  1. September 4th, 2009 at 00:26 | #1

    Thanks so much for this. Exactly what I needed. Other suggestions of creating a page and using a category URL in an a href statement were totally messing with my tabs CSS. This plugin rocks. Thanks again!

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